What is Neuro
Functional Wellbeing?


The brain is the ultimate computer. It powers our bodies all day, every day. Neuro Functional Wellbeing focuses on the links in our brains, keeping them connected to make sure our bodies function correctly. When links are damaged or broken, the brain and the body can become disconnected, making it hard to function or heal.

Combining muscle manipulation and cranial stimulation can initiate a reintegration of the brain and the body working together to correct the imbalance. This addresses the root cause of link breakdowns that can cause symptoms of physical and mental unwellness. Restoring the ‘setpoint’ reconnects the body to the brain, allowing the body to heal and change to take place.

This form of treatment is known around the world as ‘Neurological Integration System’ (N.I.S) or formerly, Neurolink.

N.I.S / N.F.W

N.I.S incorporates muscle testing to check the systems of the body at specific neurological pathways and anatomical points. N.I.S. doesn’t treat the names of a set of symptoms but addresses the root cause of ill health.



The N.I.S. process is natural and non-invasive. It may address a wide variety of unresolved and non-life-threatening health problems such as:

  • Spinal problems and cranial/sacral imbalance
  • Lingering viral, bacterial and fungal infections
  • Muscle knots and inflammation
  • Liver function, pancreas, kidneys and other organs
  • Temperament and behaviour problems deriving from pain or stress
  • Help to alleviate side effects from a concussion
  • Rebalance gut-brain axis
  • Reset hot flushes
  • And more!

We Treat Animals Too!

Animal Holistic Health promote natural health and wellbeing options that are a gentle, unobtrusive and chemical-free experience for you, your cat, dog or horse.


My 15 year old son who experiences developmental challenges has seen big improvements in brain function, speech, cognitive and conversational skills. Paul is a highly skilled practitioner who I trust wholeheartedly in his ability to assist my family. Thank you Paul.

J.K | Wairarapa

Paul is magic. His skill at what he does seems to know no limits. Over the years I’m sure my family and I would not be as well as we are if not for Paul. He is respectful and professional in his approach to people. He listens without judgement. I have no hesitation what so ever in recommending Paul Hellings.

J.C | South Waikato

I am so very impressed and grateful for this treatment. It seems no matter the symptoms there is a way to solve the issue. Other family members have also had huge success with pain management.

S.S | Hamilton

For most of my life I have lived in a constant state of tiredness.  In recent times I had also developed chronic vertigo. Paul carried out his Neurolink treatment on me.  I can now sleep at night without having the fear that my world would be spinning.  With the odd bit of maintenance I now feel I am able to live a more normal life, and have much better concentration, focus, energy and clarity, thanks to the treatment given by Paul.

W.M | Wairarapa

Paul has been instrumental in getting my wellbeing on track.  Paul had a number of issues to deal with including severe concussion and back problems caused by a car accident I had 30 years ago. My mobility and clarity of thought as well as release of tension through his treatment  has been incredible. I have also had a lifelong battle with weight. He pinpointed then balanced hormones that weren’t working correctly.  The change immediately in my eating habits was amazing.  I can’t recommend Paul and the treatment he provides enough. 



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